Dan Silburn - Realtor
Licensing: 5097

Lori Lenaghan - Licensed Mortgage Agent

I can assist you with options for Purchases, Refinances Consolidations, Transfer/Renewals, Rental Properties, First Time Home Buyers, Purchase Plus Improvements, Refinance Plus Improvements, 1st mortgages, 2nd mortgages, Mortgage Line of Credits, Self Employed Stated Income, New to Canada, Construction Financing, Private Financing, Reverse/Chip Mortgages

IF your Bank said No, I can provide you with a 2nd opinion. Sometimes we as Mortgage Brokers have other options that the banks can't offer.

No Down Payment? Down Payments Options available
With 30+ years experience, I know Mortgages!!
I can be reached at 250-888-8036

Visit my website at mortgagesbylori.com

Email: lori.lenaghan@selectmortgage.com
I look forward to working with you!